More cause and effect (hypotheses)

  1. Metals are good conductors because they have labile (free to move) electrons;

  2. Moving bicycles stay upright because of the gyroscopic effect;

  3. Eating chocolate causes pimples;

  4. Car engines are more efficient at higher temperatures than 100oC;

  5. The white fur of polar bears help them to avoid being seen by their prey;

  6. Exposure to ultraviolet light causes cataract blindness;

  7. Noble gases are chemically unreactive because their outer electron orbitals are full;

  8. The margins of continents fit like jigsaw pieces because the continents were once joined;

  9. The recoil of a gun is caused by the momentum of the bullet in the opposite direction;

  10. Down Syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome;

  11. The twinkling of stars is caused by refraction in the air;

  12. Refraction in air is caused by air currents with different temperatures;

  13. Puberty is caused by hormonal changes;

  14. Rapid cooling of magma produces rock with small crystals;

  15. The extinction of Australian megafauna was caused by climate change;

  16. The extinction of Australian megafauna was caused by humans;

  17. Dinosaurs became extinct because of an asteroid impact with Earth;

  18. Change in velocity is caused by unbalanced forces;

  19. Changing magnetic fields causes electric current to flow in an electrical conductor;

  20. Tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes;

  21. Aspirin cures headaches;

  22. Eating extra vitamin C prevents the common cold;

  23. Doing prep increases exam marks;

[Not all these hypotheses have been supported by experiments - some have been shown to be false.]

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