Laboratory rules

The great English scientist Michael Faraday at work in his laboratory.  He had many health problems probably because of a lack of safety procedures in his work.


  1. Arrive on time (when the bell rings periods 1 and 6; within 5 minutes of the bell at other times).

  2. Leave bags outside the laboratory - not blocking passageways.

  3. Follow the teacher’s directions carefully.

  4. Work quietly, move slowly and carefully in the laboratory.

  5. Keep clothing, notebooks, paper and computers away from heating equipment, glassware, chemicals and flames.

  6. Tell the teacher of breakages and spills (including water) immediately they occur.

  7. Wait until equipment is cool before putting it away - do not use cold water for cooling hot equipment.

  8. Leave all tables and benches clean and dry and put all equipment away before leaving.

  9. Wash and dry your hands after completing practical work.

  10. Wear safety glasses and lab apron when handling chemicals, glassware or heating equipment.

  11. Point test tubes away from eyes and other people while heating the test tube.

  12. Dispose of solid waste (paper, used matches, other solids) in the waste bin only.

  13. Obtain permission from the teacher before touching any laboratory equipment.

  14. NEVER perform any kind of unauthorised experiment.

  15. NEVER eat, put things in your mouth, chew or drink in the laboratory.

  16. NEVER deliberately taste or smell chemicals unless instructed to do so by the teacher.

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