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7.4   Earth and Space Science    This picture is a combination of separate images of the Sun,  planets, moon, comets and objects beyond our solar system.   Artistic licence has been taken to fit the images into one picture.

INTRODUCTION  One of the few things that separate humans from other animals is the ability to think about the sky and the objects seen in it.   Before the invention of the electric light, people took much more interest in the sky because they were familiar with it – there was little light pollution so stars and planets were much easier to see and people spent more time outside at night. 

I want this unit to make you -

  1. Bulletlook at the night sky more carefully than you ever have before;

  2. Bulletthink about the appearance and nature of the objects you see in the night sky;

  3. Bulletthink about why the objects seem to move the way they do.

Of course, what makes Earth special is liquid water.  The other important part of this topic is water and its value to us and to life on Earth.

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