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7.2   Living Things

   The bacteria that cause Cholera            A native Australian marsupial - the Bilby        A spectacular Australian Hakea



There is an enormous variety of living things.   There are living things (such as bacteria) that can only be seen with a powerful microscope, while others (such as the Blue Whale) weigh as much as a ten large trucks.  Some (bacteria again) only live for a few hours before dividing into two, while others (King’s Holly - a Tasmanian shrub) are up to 40,000 years old.   There are also living things in every environment on Earth - even deep ocean trenches in complete darkness with temperatures over 300o C and pressures more than 1,000 times atmospheric pressure.

All these living things have many things in common - they are all made of small cells for example, and they all rely on DNA to control their chemistry.  This suggests that they are all related to each other - they have a common ancestor.

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