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6.2  “....and Now for the Weather”

Weather forecasts are often presented as entertainment on television but the information is still useful.


Everybody talks about the weather – it must be important!  The ability to measure and predict the weather makes a huge difference to our standard of living.  It helps us to know simple things like what clothes to wear, whether or not to take a raincoat to work or to put the washing on the line.  It also can save peoples’ lives by predicting extreme weather events or for planning a safe route for aircraft.

An understanding of climate is also extremely important.  It helps farmers know whether or not to plant certain crops,  governments to know how much water needs to be stored or whether the world is warming up. 

In this topic we learn some of the main ways weather is measured and predicted and about the effects of climate change.

The science of weather is called meteorology.

  TO DO.....

Start by adding the title “Weather” to your blog and then copying the above Introduction.  Then add the sentence “The study of weather is called meteorology.”

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