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HSC Course outcomes


The Prescribed Focus Areas are different curriculum emphases or purposes designed to increase students’ understanding of chemistry as an ever-developing body of knowledge, the provisional nature of scientific explanations in chemistry, the complex relationship between evidence and ideas in chemistry and the impact of chemistry on society.

(There is no content developed from the Prescribed Focus Area outcomes.)

H1   A student evaluates how major advances in scientific understanding and technology have changed the direction or nature of scientific thinking.

H2   A student analyses the ways in which models, theories and laws in biology have been tested and validated.

H3   A student assesses the impact of particular advances in biology on the development of technologies.

H4   A student assesses the impacts of applications of biology on society and the environment.

H5   A student assesses the impacts of applications of biology on society and the environment.


H6   A student explains why the biochemical processes that occur in cells are related to macroscopic changes in the organism.

H7   A student analyses the impact of natural and human processes on biodiversity.

H8   A student evaluates the impact of human activity on the interactions of organisms and their environment.

H9   A student describes the mechanisms of inheritance in molecular terms.

H10  A student describes the mechanisms of evolution and assesses the impact of human activity on evolution.


H11  A student justifies the appropriateness of a particular investigation plan .

H12  A student evaluates ways in which accuracy and reliability could be improved in investigations.

H13  A student uses terminology and reporting styles appropriately and successfully to communicate information and understanding.

H14  A student assesses the validity of conclusions from gathered data and information.

H15  A student explains why an investigation is best undertaken individually or by a team .


(The values and attitudes outcome is to be developed but not assessed.)

H16  A student justifies positive values about and attitudes towards both the living and non-living components of the environment, ethical behaviour and a desire for a critical evaluation of the consequences of the applications of science.

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