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Course outcomes


The Prescribed Focus Areas are different curriculum emphases or purposes designed to increase students’ understanding of chemistry as an ever-developing body of knowledge, the provisional nature of scientific explanations in biology, the complex relationship between evidence and ideas in biology and the impact of biology on society.

(There is no content developed from the Prescribed Focus Area outcomes.)

P1   A student outlines the historical development of major biological principles, concepts and ideas.

P2   A student applies the processes that are used to test and validate models, theories and laws of science, with particular emphasis on first-hand investigations in biology.

P3   A student assesses the impact of particular technological advances on understanding in biology.

P4   A student describes applications of biology which affect society or the environment.

P5   A student describes the scientific principles employed in particular areas of biological research.


P6   A student explains how cell ultrastructure and the coordinated activities of cells, tissues and organs contribute to macroscopic processes in organisms.

P7   A student describes the range of organisms in terms of specialisation for a habitat.

P8   A student analyses the interrelationships of organisms within the ecosystem.

P9   A student explains how processes of reproduction ensure continuity of species.

P10  A student identifies and describes the evidence for evolution.


P11  A student identifies and implements improvements to investigation plans.

P12  A student discusses the validity and reliability of data gathered from first-hand investigations and secondary sources.

P13  A student identifies appropriate terminology and reporting styles to communicate information and understanding in biology.

P14  A student draws valid conclusions from gathered data and information.

P15  A student implements strategies to work effectively as an individual or as a team member.


(The values and attitudes outcome is to be developed but not assessed.)

P16  A student demonstrates positive values about, and attitudes towards, both the living and non-living components of the environment, ethical behaviour and a desire for a critical evaluation of the applications of science.

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