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A New Year message for my Year 10 Science (2015) class.   

We have a big year in front of us - you have an individual science research task to prepare, carry out and report,  we will be competing in the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge, the Australia and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge as well as the ICAS Science Competitions.  I know it will be hard work but I know you can compete with the best school science brains in the country.

You are in a science extension class so I expect you to work hard at the subject.  I hope you find science intensely interesting but not expect it to be easy or “fun”.  I intend to work hard to challenge you, to interest you, to engage you and to drive you.  Enjoy the ride!

I hope you enjoy learning with the teacher replacing me in Semester 1.

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Isaac Newton painted by Godfrey Kneller in 1689 when Newton was 46 years old.